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With, you easily and securely share all relevant information and documents regarding the sale of a property with your clients.

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What can do for you

Questionnaire and list of items

Vendors easily complete the questionnaire and list of items.

Progress is automatically saved allowing vendors to work together to complete the documents - starting on your laptop and continuing on your phone or vice versa is also possible!

Completed documents are automatically stored in the relevant property in Kolibri.

Exchange other documents

Easily request the proof of ownership, energy label, subdivision deed, floor plan, VVE documents, ground lease documents and more from your seller(s). When they upload the documents you approve them and they are automatically uploaded to Kolibri. 

Want to share some documents with your clients too? You can easily do so with

In your corporate identity, on your domain

We find it important that is an addition to your services. That's why you set up with your corporate identity in just a few clicks.

And by using your own domain name, you're creating your own 'my'-environment.

Real-time property sharing with searchers

With, you automatically and real-time share (collegiate) listings with your seeker base.

In your corporate identity, with the texts you wrote yourself and on your own domain name.

Coming soon: ID-verification

In the works; As a realtor you easily and securely verify the authenticity of the required identity documents. Your clients don't have to jump through hoops to securely upload their proof of identity. 

Secured with two-factor authentication

We think it's important that your data and your customers' data are secure. 
Of course, as a realtor, you have secured your Kolibri account with two-step verification - your customers also set up two-step verification very easily in

...More is coming

We still have many plans for the continued development of Curious about what we are working on? Take a look at our roadmap. is supported by over 1400 realtors in The Netherlands

What other realtors say about

Through I send new relevant offers to my searchers, even before they are on Funda! As a result, my clients no longer miss out on viewings.

Sellers have recently started filling out the questionnaire and list of items digitally with us through That saves a lot of mail-printing-filling-scanning-and-emailing!

I set up with corporate my identity and texts in just a few clicks. It is truly an extension of my services and not someone else's.

Pay per property

€ 12,50 € 9,-

Price is excluding VAT

Betaal per object

Starten met en nog nergens aan vastzitten? Dan is deze optie wellicht wat voor jouw kantoor.

Per month

€ 69,- € 45,-

Annual subscription, price does not include VAT

Onbeperkt gebruik gebruiken voor alle objecten? Dan is dit abonnement echt wat voor jouw kantoor.

The temporary discount you get when you start with now is related to the ongoing development of

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